Opportunity Feed is a mobile application that offers young professionals, founders and students an easy access to new business, career and personal development opportunities.

Opportunity Feed is all about opportunities:

scholarships, fellowships, forums, internships, mentorships, grants, exchange programs, funding options, competitions, start-up programs and initiatives, pitch competitions, awards, courses and study programs, volunteering opportunities, workshops, networking events, conferences, festivals, leadership programs.

You name it, Opportunity Feed has it.

The app serves young professionals, founders and students, providing them with curated opportunities from all over the world.


Stay up-to-date with the most recent opportunities!

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Get unlimited access to browsing opportunities for free.

Intuitive design

Scroll through the vast choice of opportunities and choose the most exciting ones.

Mobile friendly

Designed to work both on smartphones and tablets.

Pick favorites

Mark your favored opportunities to easily return to them at any time.

Set filters

Narrow down your search by setting criteria to filter opportunities that match your interests.

Push notifications

Set notifications to stay updated on when new opportunities get published.


Why did we create this app? The ways how we learn, study, find an organization that we want to join and meet new people are changing. With this app, it is easier than ever to explore opportunities that help us excel in our personal and professional lives.

The app was developed by the Gopak brothers from AlphaGamma, who got their education by winning scholarships, were given job offers by winning international Olympiads and case competitions and met new international friends and partners from abroad by attending international conferences.

We want to help you discover the new world of opportunities, just like we discovered it.

Our vision is to build a search engine for opportunities on mobile devices, so help us make the app better by sharing your thoughts in the submission form below.


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